Here are some common coupon questions that people starting out often have.  I hope this is helpful to you.

1.  What are some common coupon abbreviations I should know?
See our Coupon Abbreviation post.

2.  What are some good ways to organize my coupons?
*Alphabetical by brand or product name
*By insert date in a file cabinet, file crate, or box of some sort.  This is Lisa’s favorite way.  Insert date is found in small print on margins of coupon insert.  I just look up coupons i need in coupon databases and pull and clip them before making a shopping trip.
*By expiration date.
*By category (some categories would be hair products, meds, cereal, frozen foods, pet food, dental products etc)

3.  What are some good websites to print Internet coupons from?

Also check on manufacturer’s websites.

4.  What are some sources where I can get lots of free inserts?

5.  How do I get free stuff from Walgreens using the Register Reward program?

6.  How do I get free things with Menards rebates?


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