My Woodmans Trip

Went to Woodmans today.  My best deals found:
Found strawberries for $8 a package.
Found the bell pepper deal in clearance bin:
32 Red bell peppers and 6 green bell peppers for $2.97 for 48 peppers so grand total, of SIX CENTS EACH (I bought 3 bags) will be freezing most for future meals
Found cereal in reduced bin for $1.25 each, might of been cheaper had I bought my coupons.  Thinking I  need to check for cereal coupons before going there because sometimes I find a deal.
Block & shredded cheese $1.49 each for 8 oz.
Cream cheese blocks 8 oz for 50 cents in reduced bin

I bought other stuff but this was today’s super great deals.  Other stuff is reasonable there usually.


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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