Piggly Wiggly 9/13/12 – 9/19/12

See also 4 day meat sale for this week

Del Monte gold pineapple $1.99
California strawberries 1 lb. $1.99
Green bell peppers $.99/lb.
Fresh green beans $.99/lb.
Roma tomatoes $.99/lb.
White cauliflower $.79/lb.
jumbo white onions $.99/lb.
Peruvian sweet onions $.99/lb.
Red bell peppers $1.99/lb.
Grapes, red, black or red seedless, $1.99/lb.
Extra large cantaloupe $2.50
Potatoes 5 lb. bag $1.99

Gerber’s whole amish fryers $.99/lb.
america’s cut boneless pork chops $2.49/lb.
Buddig lunchmeats $.49
-$.75 off 4 from 8/12 SS
Final Price: $1.21 for 4 or $.30 each
boneless center cut pork loin roast $2.49/lb.
Extra large rotisserie chicken from deli $4.99 (limit 2)
Boneless sirloin tip roast $3.49/lb.
Boneless sirloin tip steak $3.89/lb.

Food Club dozen large eggs $.99
Food Club light yogurt 6 oz. $.33
Food Club American singles, 12 oz. $1.49
Imperial margarine quarters $.69
Food Club chunk or shredded cheese, 6 to 8 oz. $1.79

Bellatoria cheese bread, personals or Sunday Brunch Bellatoria Pizza 5.67 to 15 oz. $1.99
Bellatoria pizza 14.76-22.23 oz. $3.99
Palermo’s Primo Thin Crust Pizza 11.6 to 19.1 oz. $3.34
$1 off 2 printable from palermo’s website
$1 off 2 bricks printable
-$1 off 1 Palermo’s Hand Tossed or Primo Thin Pizza, any from 08-19-12 SS
Final price: As low as $2.34 with insert coupon

Bernatello’s or Orv’s Rizer pizza 14.26 to 28.45 oz. $2.99
Connie’s thin crust pizza 20.86 – 25.49 oz. $3.99
food club ice cream 56 oz. $1.99 (limit 2) OR $.99 with 2100 pig points
On-Cor frozen family entrees (salisbury steak, turkey & gravy, macaroni & beef or cheese, pasta with meetballs, or Beef Patties) 25 to 28 oz. $1.49
Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles or Pancakes (40 count mini pancakes or 6 to 16 count french toast sticks, waffles or pancakes) $1.69
-$1 off 2 Kellogg’s Eggo Product from 8/5 RP
Final Price: $2.38 for 2 or $1.19 each after coupon (Okay price but prefer $1 price on these)
Hot Pockets $1.99
Old Orchard frozen juice, select varieties, 12 oz. can $1.25
$1 off 4 printable from company website
Final Price: $4 for 4 or $1 each after printable coupon

Ball Park buns 8 count OR Sara Lee sort & smooth bread, 20 oz. honey wheat or 100% wheat or Whole grain white $1.49 (limit 3)
Food Club tomatoes, 14.5 to 15 oz.,  Tomato sauce 15 oz., or canned vegetables 14 to 15.5 oz. $.39 (limit 6 total)
Canned fruit, 11 to 15.25 oz. $.89
Food Club sloppy joe sauce $.99 Plus FREE package of hamburger buns with purchase of 2 cans
Food Club spaghetti sauce $.89
Creamette or Ronzoni pasta 12-16 oz. $.89 (limit 3) or FREE with 2100 pig points
Food Club pudding snack 4 pack $.69
Food club chunk light tuna 5 oz. $.69
Food Club premium bathroom tissue 12 double rolls $4.99


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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