Panos Fresh Market and Meat Prices

I received my Clipper Magazine today Aug-Sept Edition for the Milwaukee West Suburbs Edition. Inside it is an advertisement for Panos Fresh Market, 426 W. Sunset Avenue 262-513-9922 and 200 W. Main Street 262-513-1771. Both are in Waukesha. They have a number of listed meat prices and I am wondering if these are cheap prices or not. I don’t buy a lot of beef and tend to buy only certain cuts and can use the comments… I assume these prices are good for August and September as that is what the Clipper Magazine is for.

New York Strips $5.49/lb.
T-Bones $4.99/lb.
Porterhouse $5.49/lb.
Prime Rib $5.49/lb.
Rib Eyes $5.99/lb.
Chorizo $2.49/lb.

Anyone ever tried their meats before? I tired their produce once, and some was good, and some wasn’t so good, so a tad nervous about spending that much for meat when it may not be good meat. I don’t think I am the pickiest meat buyer though, but don’t tend to like what I have tried from Sam’s club or Aldi’s.


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One Response to Panos Fresh Market and Meat Prices

  1. Rene S says:

    The porterhouse and prime rib are slightly less expensive than Sentry, which has been $5.99/lb for those. I have not tried their meat before, so I can’t comment on that. I can say that the meat at the Waukesha Sentrys is very good. Also, we have a membership at Costco, and all of the meat we’ve tried there so far has been very good.

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