St. Joseph’s Used Book Sale This Weekend

Thank you all for searching for St. Joseph’s Used Book Sale, I had no idea it was this weekend. I can’t seem to find much information online.

St. Joseph’s bulletin earlier in the month read, “St. Joseph Parish will be
holding their 9th annual Used Book Sale on July 6 thru July 9, 2012.”

They are located at:
841 Martin St./Gymnasium
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

JSOnline lists the sale as taking place Friday through Monday starting at 9:00 AM each day until 5:00 PM. They also include this information:
“More than 60 tables including old and rare books. Donations welcome. Prices reduces Sunday and Monday. Bag and box sale Monday at noon.”

This is all I am able to find. But my son and I love to go on Monday sometime after noon and possibly fill a box for $5, I think it is. Either way it is a decent amount of books for $5 and they have quite a bit to choose from too.


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3 Responses to St. Joseph’s Used Book Sale This Weekend

  1. Rene S says:

    I look forward to this sale every year. Last year, it was $6 to fill a box. However, this may be the last year of the sale. The Freeman ran a photo of the sale and said it’s the final year, but did not state why.

  2. skirnirh says:

    I wonder why it would be the final year. My son and I look forward to this book sale every year. We usually fill a box, even if I have some left from last year that I haven’t read yet. But then in filling a box, I buy some I want to read right away and others that are on the if I have time to read list, or if I don’t have something better to read, etc.

  3. Rene S says:

    I just got back from the sale and asked about it being the final year. Yes, unless someone else steps forward to coordinate it, it will be the final year. 😦 A bonus for anyone who goes today: if you buy a box for $6, you also get a free bag full too!

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