Pick’n Save Monopoly: Are You Playing? Getting Close On Any Monopolies?

I am playing the Pick’n Save Monopoly game again, even if I believe I will wind up frustrated. I probably will at least get some free items and maybe some $.25 coupons that I may use a couple of. The specifications on the $.25 coupons are so specific, usually they specify flavor, size, etc. But this is where people post what they need and maybe we can help one of our readers, or someone to get a monopoly this summer.

Here is what I need at the moment… (I am only listing ones that I need one piece to complete.)

That is the only ones I am within one of getting. Are there any you are within one of getting? Please share, as I already have a small stack of extras. OF course, if they are on my needed list, then I don’t have extras of those!


About skirnirh

I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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78 Responses to Pick’n Save Monopoly: Are You Playing? Getting Close On Any Monopolies?

  1. skirnirh says:

    I am adding B603, C599, E588 to my list of needs to get a monopoly.

  2. skirnirh says:

    I am now adding, thanks to my sister sharing some of her extra/duplicate pieces,….
    D593, H577, I575, K567 and L560.

    • sarah says:

      Hey girl OMG!!
      I need k567 please!!! I will buy it from you

      • skirnirh says:

        I meant that I am adding K567 to my added pieces. I am listing whatever monopolies I need one piece for and thanks to my twin, I was adding those monopolies of ones I only need one piece on. So I wish I had K567! 🙂 No such luck here. My last trip to Pick’n Save netted me 17 monopoly pieces and not one piece that I didn’t already have.

    • tika says:

      where did your sister shop to get D593, H577, I575, K567, and L560? Can’t find those anywhere 😦

      • skirnirh says:

        I meant I am adding them to my list of monopolies where I need one piece to get them. I don’t have any of those pieces. Everytime I shop now, I don’t even get one new piece. Today I received 12 game tickets and not one new piece. I have two extras of almost every piece, except the rare ones.

      • jes says:

        i have k567
        email me kangaroojes@gmail.com

  3. rainbowheartlove says:

    So far, I only need D593.

  4. Jenn says:

    I need the following to get monopolies. These appear to be the rare ones:

    C599, D593, E588, F584, H577, I575, K567 and N555.

  5. skirnirh says:

    Yep, those appear to be the rare ones alright. Don’t have any of them. Had to go look for F584, but there is one other F I don’t have to, so that is why it was not on my list yet. Anyone get a free product yet, at least? Shredded lettuce for me and have no idea what to do with shredded lettuce, so haven’t cashed it in yet.

  6. John Fraser, Madison says:

    I’m not typically one to play promotional games or contests, but thought I’d give this one a try, especially since I spend a good chunk of change a week at Pick’n Save! I had a feeling at the start there would be some “rare pieces” and the two previous posts have confirmed my suspicions. Anyway, I guess I’ll continue playing until I either win something or get so frustrated that I tear the board up in a million pieces! I have a ways to go before I’m down to only one piece for any one section, but many thanks to the person (skirnirh?) who created this post!

  7. rainbowheartlove says:

    Here is my pieces that I need. Of course, they are the rare ones. A606, B603, D593, F584, G582, and L560. To John Fraser: this game does get annoying. See some of the posts about monopoly from last year. I do hope someone on this site wins something though.
    I have only received a free packet of coffee that I think I might take to work for my co-workers to enjoy since I don’t like coffee. As for shredded lettuce, I think you could use if for tacos. I sometimes shred my lettuce for tacos. I think it will go fast quicker if I remember right from when I have bought shredded lettuce.

  8. sarah says:

    I need m557 if you have it please comment and let me know ill pay you $20 for it

    • skirnirh says:

      Just looked at my board, and I don’t have M557, or M556. So maybe it is a rare one too. I have now also “won” a free thing of Kellogg’s nutrigrain bars. The shredded lettuce ticket will go to Lisa, as she said she can use it. 🙂

      • sarah says:

        I have a extra m556 if you need it?

      • sarah says:

        Do you have n553 t530 or t527 x508 x511 y505 y 501 w514 w515 j570 s532 s534 L560 F584 E588? ?

      • Michele says:

        I have T527 which must be either a rare or semi rare piece and am willing to sell it to you sarah or anyone else who is interested..i also believe i have a rare or semi rare piece for the V category sinse im only missing v518 and all the categories p and up have a rare and semi rare piece…if anyone is interested please email me at muskegomichele@aol.com …thanks and good luck everyone

  9. skirnirh says:

    I have N553, but that is it out of all those you named. I do have extras of N553 also. Do you need that one? If so, you can email me on the contact page a mailing address and any coupon requests you might have and an envelope can be sent your way.

    • sarah says:

      My address is 2536 A north weil street

      Thank you so much it really means a lot if you want I could send you 10$ back?

      • sarah says:

        When you mail it try not to forget the A* because that indicates that it’s a upper , thank you so much (:

  10. skirnirh says:

    Is that a Milwaukee address? Seems to be when I try and look it up. Looks like 53212. Accurate? Want anything else with it? Particular coupons?

  11. susan says:

    My first time playing. Can someone go into more details on how to play and win? Do u take those 4 markers and place them individually where they match on the gameboard? Or do they have to match as they came in the game ticket.

    • skirnirh says:

      Here is the post with the basic instructions… https://stretchyourdollarwaukesha.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/pickn-save-monopoly-is-back/

      But basically you are licking and sticking the individual pieces to a monopoly board that you request at the store. It is a pain in the butt, to be honest with you, but I do it anyway. I just hope someone on the group can win something more than $.25 coupons, 2 free tickets, and a free item they don’t have a use for! (Okay, I do have a coupon for a free Special K Bar package, so that would be used by me.) Seems there is always a number of pieces that noone I know ever sees.

  12. TosaShopper says:

    I need the rare one of each A-N (the smaller prizes) and the two rare ones P-Y. I played last year and never one a darn thing except more tickets. I am willing to bet they print one of each of the rare ones, and they probably aren’t ever even circulated. I don’t know anyone who’s even one the $2.

    • Michele says:

      Which 2 are you missing for the v category because im only missing v518 so one that I have must b either the rare or semi rare piece…i also have t527 which is either a rare or semi rare piece as many people dont have it so im only missing t530

  13. simple solutions says:

    I have collected 464 game pieces so far, and can tell you that the pieces not in circulation, or the winning prize monopoly items we are all looking for are: A606, B603, C599, D593, E588, F 584, G582, H577, I 575, J570, K567, L560, M557, N555, P550 and P551, Q543 and Q544, R538 and R540, S534, T527 and T530, U522 and U524, V518 and V519, W514 and W515, X 508 and X511, and Y501 and Y 505. Pick ‘n Save will only release these the week of August 29. They want you to keep spending in the interim. You can never beat the house when they hold the cards! Frankly I am amazed that you cannot even win the $5.00 cash prize.

  14. Tom says:

    I have one of those above so obviously they are releasing them before August 29th.

    • skirnirh says:

      Does this mean you will win something? Have a non rare piece that you need? I do have a fair number of extra pieces and would be willing to send your way if I had it. I want to see someone win something! (And yes, I was told by a cashier that someone had won an iPod and I think a $100 cash/gift card prize. Not sure if locally or not. But some are apparently winning.) I am still only up to a free bag of lettuce shreds and a free nutrigrain bar package.)

  15. Tom says:

    I have piece X508. If you have X511 and want to combine them to win, respond here. Thanks.

  16. Another Tom says:

    Have one of the U numbers. Please respond if you have the other. Thanks

  17. Max Cammody says:

    I have a U522 – if you have U524 and would like to try to work something out, please contact me: maxcammody@yahoo.com

  18. Amanda says:

    I have Q543. Just need Q544. Please email me if you have Q544 and would like to split the prize $5,000 grocery gift card)!!! macc0021@umn.edu

  19. April says:

    I have Y505. If you have Y501 🙂 We can split the Dream Home prize!! 🙂 abrown747@hotmail.com

  20. Casey says:

    I have P550 if anyone wants to make a deal!

  21. Hhyatt says:

    I have semi rare T527 and U522. I use a win, or a split!!! Hdothyatt at hotmaildotcom

  22. jes says:

    i have rare peices k567 and t530.
    interested? email me kangaroojes@gmail.com

  23. Noël Ruiz says:

    Hi all! I am sure we all need the same pieces but here is what I am looking for as a trade, share, or prize spilt. All needed pieces are to complete collection on that prize.
    N555 M557 L560 K567 J570 I575 H577 G582 F584 E588
    The big one X511!!!!!
    Email me ruiznoel1024@gmail.com

  24. Maggie says:

    People Really!!! Everyone has game pieces. To win a prize you have to have the missing ONE game card. Trust me, everyone is going to be one game piece away from winning a prize. You’re listing the game pieces you need? Get real. Those are the game pieces needed to win prizes. Who would give you a winnnig game piece. People please read the fine print on the game.

  25. Nicole Geboy says:

    Looking for V518 and S532 – I have V519 and S534 – if you have the V518 or S532 email me at nlgeboy@yahoo.com and lets make a deal… Thank U

  26. Michael Ali says:

    If anybody has gotten an A-606 without A’s 604,605 and 607 on same ticket I would be interested to know. I need 606’s .But I have gotten all four on a ticket twice allready. That’s “saw buck”? for “26 hrs work”

  27. simple solutions says:

    As of today I have collected 1,588 Monopoly tokens and won: a lettuce, 2 packs of gum, 2 one and a quarter liter Cokes, and a packet of marshmallows! I am still looking for 31 missing game pieces. From the PnS website I see that as of July 27, they have awarded 119 high level prizes (awards between $250 and $250,000), with a win count of 22.41% and a win value of 6.35%. (This is biased because a larger number of the smaller value prizes have been won). On the low-level prizes, PnS awarded 17.98% by value, but you cannot calculate count, as details are not provided. As I posted on June 30, this will be a rush at the very end, or we will not see too many high-level prizewinners. What gets to me is that with the effort I have made I have not even won a $5 cash prize and there are 20,000 of those in play.

    • Michael Ali says:

      As I have stated I am looking for 606- But I have found two tickets that That had 604,605,606 and 607 together all on one ticket -So that was 2 $5.00 for me.

  28. Michael says:

    I also have U522 in MN. Please let me know if you have U524 byex0039ATgmail.com

  29. Tanya Kolosick says:

    I am in desperate search for w514 I really need a new car please if anyone has it please please please contact me at digitalartistndesigh@yahoo.com. my car has been in the shop for repairs every few weeks lately and I can’t keep doing this with a newborn. So please let’s work something out.

  30. Jerry says:

    I have S534 willing to split with anyone with S532 email me at g.guse@comcast.net

  31. Michael Ali says:

    Isay you could have more than one $.25 coupon on a product -but a coupon is only good on one product-That’s the way I was using them. For example Saved $2.25 on one ketchup (9- $.25’s).I have many reciepts showing redemptions in this manner. I shave spent a llot of time saving a lot of $.25’s – Now they are welching on me and say can’t be used that way.That makes the whole game worthless except for the big winners. Say’s one offer with coupon. I say one $.25 per coupon. For example not one coupon used on multiple products. But why not one $.25 per coupon for multiple coupons on one product ( not to exceed price ). Then see why very important -One $.25 per coupon and not multiple products each $.25 off with just one coupon. ONE OFFER(.25) PER COUPON. NO WHERESAYS ONE COUPON PER PRODUCT-THESE ARE NOT MANUFACTURERS COUPONS. THEY WELCHED THEY WELCHED THEY—–WHICH MEANS I LOST THE 15 CENTS AN HOUR IWAS EARNING WITH ALL THE WORK TO PLAY THIS GAME.

  32. angel says:

    I willing to split the prize of x511 and t530 you can email me at angeleicenright123@hotmail.com

  33. angel says:

    i really ineed of t530 and x511 i am in debt and have a baby on the way if you could help me out with theses willing to pay a little for them please contact me at 2623430427

  34. Dean says:

    I have S534 Y505 and Q543..contact me if you have the other rare piece or pieces for any of these prizes.

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