Recipes & Meal Ideas Incorporating Easter seasonal foods

So lately I’ve thought of many cheap meal ideas that don’t use many expensive ingredients. Partly due to finding cheap bread, ham, tuna, eggs, cheese singles and some produce lately.  Most of produce was found cheap at woodmans.  And a lot of them are cheap this time of year with Easter approaching.

1.  Tuna & Cheese on toast.
Ingredients: Bread, Mayo, tuna, optional produce (additions can be chopped apples, chopped onion, chopped pickle, chopped celery and chopped green pepper)
*Make tuna salad with tuna and a little mayo.  Add optional additions if desired.
*Lightly toast bread in toster. Place bread on baking sheet.
*Place some tuna mixture on top of toast.  Top with slice of cheese.
*Bake in oven til cheese is melted.

2.  Apples & Cheese on toast.
Ingredients: Bread, apples, sugar and cinnamon
*Lightly toast bread in toster. Place bread on baking sheet.
*Peel (if desired) apples and slice.  I don’t always peel mine.
*Place apple slices on toat.
*Top apple slices with sugar and cinnamon. Then top with cheese slice.
*Bake in oven til cheese is melted.

3.  Bunstead sandwiches.  This is basically a salad with veggies and hard boiled eggs and cheese.   Hard rolls are often cheap at Piggly Wiggly Sussex after easter and some other times of year on day old cart which I think is near some of the frozen foods across from register end of store.   I always check there.  I think Sentry in Menomonee Falls also has day old rolls sometimes.

4.  Hot or cold ham and cheese on hard rolls.

5.  Scrambled eggs or omelettes.  I have eggs, green pepper, leftover ham, cheese singles and broccoli…..going to make some omelettes with  lots of fillers 🙂

6.  Split pea and ham soup.  I don’t have a recipe yet,  but I think mom puts some celery salt, carrots, potatoes,  and ham in hers.  I will be looking online for something that sounds good.

7.  Bear Creek cheddar potato soup mix prepared, with added ham.

8.  Chicken or pork chops prepared with the new Kraft Fresh Takes breading/cheese packets that I got free with double coupons.  Served with some broccoli/cauliflower blend(Cheap from Woodmans) in home made added cheese sauce.

9.  French toast made by making an egg/milk mixture, dipping bread in it then frying bread in frying pan.  Can top with sugar/cinnamon, peanut butter, fruit, jelly, or our family favorite is syrup.

This is all I am coming up with at the moment. What kind of cheap meal ideas can you come up with?


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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2 Responses to Recipes & Meal Ideas Incorporating Easter seasonal foods

  1. Pat says:

    What about a lovely omelet with cheese and green onions? served with toast, or if going all out for a supper fried slice of ham, omelet and homemade hash browns and toast? You have the makings of an open denver sandwich ( my hubbies favourite). We love mushroom omlets if mushrooms are a good price in your area.
    Also I love scolloped potatoes, done with mushroom soup tin undiluted. sliced potatoes and onions layered with salt and pepper and a tin of evaporated milk. Or change it and use the potatoes, onions, flour, salt and pepper sprinkled between potatoe and onion slices, tin of evapourated milk and cheese slices, either layered between the first potatoe onion layer, and the top layer. My mother would have added sliced ham thin in small pieces in this mixture, and sliced carrots and called it a one dish supper. baked in the oven till cooked.
    What about welsh rabbit? Bread ( stale ) , cheese, eggs, milk ( lots of recipies out there). put it together the night before and have a lovely brunch with a side salad.
    Years ago when I was about 4 I had a nanny that used to take cheap vanilla cookies and make an icing with icing sugar, and lemmon juice. If I remember right she heated it and then just drissled the icing on the cookies, they were so good. if she didn’t heat the icing mixture, she’d spread it thin on the flat part of the cookie and mush two cookies together for a “treat”. Sometimes she just used a jam and did the same thing. That was when you had to be in your 70’s to get an old age pension and she lived with us for free rent and eats, and looked after me a day and a half a week while my mom was working as a nurse. She was a lovely lady and I learnt a lot of cheap living from her. She was happy to have me visit her in her room even when she wasn’t looking after me. Mom said that she paid her way by all the things she new how to do and taught my Mother things she didn’t know either. She lived with us for about 5 years, then her sisiter moved out to where we were and they moved into an apartment together. I got to visit them several times afterward.

  2. trishay79 says:

    Hubby looking to see if Aldi still has 79 ccents 8 oz fresh mushrooms. we will likely have them in our omelettes this week. will look up denver sandwich and welsh rabbit.

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