Piggly Wiggly 12/28/11 – 1/4/12

In-ad Coupons:
Piggly Wiggly gallon milk 1%, 2% or skim $1.89 (limit 1 with coupon and separate $5 purchase).
Lean Cuisine frozen entrees 7 for $10 (when you buy 7, limit 7 with coupon and separate $5 purchase).
Fresh baked French bread from bakery, 16 oz. loaf $.99 (limit 1 with coupon and separate $5 purchase).
Crystal Farms chunk cheese 8 oz. $.99 (limit 3 with coupon and separate $5 purchase).
Kraft American singles 16 oz. $1.99 (limit 1 with coupon and separate $5 purchase)
Jack’s Original or Half & Half pizza 5 for $10 (limit 5 with coupon and separate $5 purchase).

Bolthouse Farms baby carrots 16 oz. $.79
Bolthouse farms carrot chips 16 oz. $1.50
Extra large cantaloupe $1.99 each
Green cabbage $.49/lb.
Extra large green bell peppers $1.29/lb.
Empire apples 3 lb. bag $1.99
Florida strawberries $2.50
Fresh limes $.50
dole celery $.98 each
sliced white mushrooms 8 oz. $2
Peruvian onions $.99/lb.

Boneless top round roast $2.99/lb.
85% lean ground chuck $2.69/lb.

dean’s dip 16 oz. $.99
Food Club sour cream 16 oz. $.99re
Food Club cream cheese 8 oz $.99

Sunchef frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts 3 lb. bag $4.99
Banquet brown & serve breakfast links or patties $.79 (limit 3)
Palermo’s Hand Tossed Pizza buy 1 get 1 free “save at least $7.19” so around $3.60 each
Banquet frozen entrees $.99
Food Club ice cream 56 oz. or 12 count bars $2.49

Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Fresca, Mello Yello or Seagrams 2 liter $.89 (when you buy 5, limit 5, one must be sprite, agrams, fresca or mello  yello)

7 up or Diet 7 up 2 liter (when you buy 4, limit 4) $.99
Coke, Sprite or Diet Coke 12 pack, 12 oz. cans or 6 pack 24 oz bottles or 8 pack 12 oz. bottles 4 for $12 (Must buy 4, limit 4) –comes to $3 each but must buy 4–

Miller High Life 30 pack 12 oz cans $14.89 (30 pack 12 oz cans or bottles for $15ish  seems to be the cheapest price on beer in Wisconsin–have seen 30 pack bud light at this price too).

Miller MGD Light 64, Genuine draft, or miller lite beer 24 pack 12 oz. cans $16.69
Deli 12 piece fried chicken $8.99 (this is slightly higher maybe $1 more I think than the 7 or 8 piece banquet frozen chicken at this store).
piggly wiggly hamburger or hot dog buns $.79
Hunt’s ketchup 24 oz. $.99
Food club hot cocoa $.99
Food Club pasta $.89
Hunt’s spaghetti sauce $.99


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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