Roundy’s Rewards or the New Pick’n Save Black Card

Guess what, my Pick’n Save finally has some of the information on the rewards program! I will type in the basics of the flyer that I have. You need to get your new card as soon as possible, as I don’t think after today, or very soon, they will not be taking the old card anymore.

This set of programs runs from September 26th through November 20th and the card when scanned will keep track of your purchases, so this is an over time rewards, not a all in one purchase/transaction. If you earn a reward you will find it on your receipt and it will be good on your next visit before December 18th. Receive the reward automatically on your next purchase made by December 18th. So no pieces of paper!

Spend $5 on bananas and get a free 12 oz. package of fresh express garden salad
Buy 4 packages of sargento 9-12 oz. cheese sticks and get $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more
Spend $25 on creamette, ronzoni, healthy harvest, or new mill kluski noodles and get $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more
Spend $25 on hershey’s candy and get $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more
Buy 4 bags of purina one 3.5 lb. dry cat food and get $4 off your next purina one 3.5 lb. dry cat food purchase of $4 or more
Spend $100 on roundy’s black angus beef and get $10 off your next roundy’s black angus beef purchase of $10 or more
Spend $20 on Yoplait Yogurt and get $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more
Buy 5 boxes of any minute instant rice or success boil-in-bag rice and get a free 8.8 oz. package of minute ready to serve rice
Buy 7 cases of Ice Mountain 24 pack .5 ltr bottle water and get $5 off your next ice mountain water purchase of $5 or more
Buy 2 bags of Purina 31.1-37 lb. dry dog food and get $4 off your next purina 31.1-37 lb. dog food purchase of $4 or more
Spend $50 on deli sliced lunchmeat and get $5 off your next deli sliced lunchmeat purchase of $5 or more
Spend $20 on Arnold Sandwich or Bagel Thins and get $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more
Buy 4 packages of any Oscar Mayer hot dogs and get the 5th free on your next purchase
Buy 6 bottles of 59 oz. Gold Peak Tea and get a free 59 oz. bottle of minute maid enhanced juice
Spend $10 on Purina Beneful Prepared Meals and get the 11th free on next purchase

Offers Valid at:
Brookfield: Greenfield Avenue, Capitol Drive
Brown Deer: Green Bay Road
Germantown: Mequon Road
Hales Corners: 108th Street
Menomonee Falls: Appleton Avenue, County Line Road
Milwaukee: Good Hope Road, Silver Spring Drive, Brown Deer Road
Muskego: Janesville Road
New Berlin: National Avenue (2 stores)
Pewaukee: Silvernail
Wales: Wales Road
Waukesha: Sunset, Moreland Blvd, Sunset

(Isn’t there a Metro Market PIck’n Save on Bluemound? Does this include the Metro Market stores? I know the coupons books that come out have come out somewhat differently for them.)

There was also a separate flyer on Turkey Perks. Use your Roundy’s Rewards Card between September 23 and November 13 and earn one Turkey Perk for every $10 you spend on qualified purchases. (Astricks says see service desk for complete details. So I wonder what might not be a qualifying purchase? Medicine from the pharmacy I imagine. Maybe alcohol? I imagine most things are included.)

Earn 35 – 54 perks ($350 – $540 spent) You pay $.69 per pound for a butterball hen turkey up to 14 lbs. (Wait, I thought they got to be lower than $.69 a pound last thanksgiving?!)
Earn 55 – 84 perks ($550 – $840 spent) You pay $.39 per pound for a butterball hen turkey up to 14 lbs.
Earn 85 or more perks ($850 or more spent) You pay nothing for a butterball hen turkey up to 14 lbs.

Your Turkeyperks will be listed at the end of your receipt. Then purchase a Butterball Hen Turkey up to 14 lbs. from 11/14 to 11/25 using your Roundy’s Rewards card and your earned discount will automatically apply.

That is what they have so far. Doesn’t sound like a reason to go to Pick’n Save over someone else, but it is a nice small bonus. ($850 in a month and a half at PIck’n Save… I don’t think I will do that.. I will probably get the $350 amount, but that is it. Those of you who remember, how low did turkey’s get last Thanksgiving? I don’t think it was as good as some years, but I thought it was right around $.68 a pound or so.)


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4 Responses to Roundy’s Rewards or the New Pick’n Save Black Card

  1. trishay79 says:

    I am pretty sure the yoplait yogurt and creamette pasta are on sale right now unless I am confusing another store 🙂

    I think we got our turkeys cheaper than $.68/lb last year but I think you had to spend $X to get the cheaper price, can’t remember what the amount was you had to spend. We usually don’t have a horrible time getting that amount because usually there are good enough other sales around thanksgiving.

    Yikes I should dig out my turkey and cook it. Do not know if Hubs work will be giving out free ones again but I have not cooked last year’s turkey yet! Maybe next week/weekend.

    The turkey perks thing, hmm, I have no clue what I actually spend at pick n save. I usually make a few trips of $25-$40 worth of stuff but I don’t pay that. Is the total to get the turkey, based on the regular cost of stuff or what you pay after sales and coupons?

  2. skirnirh says:

    So the first week I spent $49.58 and received 5 turkey perks. Second week I spent $57 and now have 11 perks. The perks must be after coupon, I would think, but it seems to round up.

    Bananas. After buying bananas two weeks in a row the tag says I have earned a free 12 oz. package of fresh express garden salad good on your next shopping order. Next time I go to Pick’n Save I will pick one of these up and see what happens. Anyone redeemed one of these free items yet on any of the rewards?

    • Jenny says:

      I work at a Pick N Save, and the promotions you listed above are good only at the stores listed. The turkeyperks will not accumulate if you shop at a store that is not participating (such as the Metro Market on Bluemound). My store is not included and this already has caused several problems with customers who received a flyer for the turkeyperks and then stopped at our store, speding several hundred dollars, only to find out that we are not participating and their purchase wasn’t included….not very happy people, as you might imagine- and who can blame them? The only problem is, they end up blaming us and it wasn’t our decision to only have certain stores included!

      All the stores will eventually have special promotions, but for now it’s only a select few. Every store, however, must switch over to the new rewards card as the advantage cards will eventually be “shut off” and will not even scan at the registers.

  3. skirnirh says:

    I learned a few more things today. Bought the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta that was on a bogo sale. $1.79 for 2 and used a $1 off 2 internet printed coupon, so free pasta. I bought 4 boxes of free pasta and that counted $3.58 towards my $25 Roundy’s reward for the creamette/Ronzoni pasta reward. So the rewards accumulate based on regular price, rather than after sale and coupon. Not sure if it is supposed to be that way or not. Maybe that works only on the bogo sales, as the candy sale did not work that way, darn.

    But still, the Hershey’s candy being $2.50 this week and there is $1 of 1 on certain types (special dark), which makes them $.50. The full $2.50 counted towards the $25. But the original price did not count. (Original price is listed on receipt as $3.79) That means that today you could have bought 10 bags (sale price $2.50) and used the $1 off 1 coupon, paying $.50 per bag so $5 and get $5 off your next order. (I only had one candy coupon that I could find, but I bought my hubby a bag of chocolate for $.50, so I am happy enough.)

    Oh, and the rewards seem like you can do them more than once. I buy about 5 to 6 pounds of bananas every week. I eat a banana or two every day, it seems. Today, I picked up the bagged salad that I “earned” from buying the bananas and just put it on the register and it automatically came off, as promised. Then I of course bought more bananas and it again gave me $3 towards my $5 of bananas, so next week, I should earn another free bag of salad. So I guess I am going to be getting a free bag of salad every three weeks, until this set of deals ends.

    Okay, I am still confused on if turkey perks is before coupons or after. Today I spent $49 and seemed to earn 6 turkey perks, as I am now up to 17. Before coupons it did add up to $60 something, after sales. Will have to look more carefully next week. Still figuring out all these rewards things.

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