Basic Pantry Items & Prices

This is a list of things I like to keep in my freezer/fridge/pantry for making meals. I will be sharing some recipes for things that I make.  I’ve also listed prices I like for many items although i try to get them for cheaper than price listed and often do get them cheaper!

You can make loads of things with just a few items that you keep around all the time…If I kept the following on hand I would probably have to buy very little from the store!  Maybe a few more spices sometimes or a stray item here or there…will share some of my recipes using these items.

Bacon, $3 per lb.
Pork chops, $1.99/lb.
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, $2/lb.
Chicken pieces,  59 cents/lb.
Canned tuna, 69 cents
Eggs, 99 cents per dozen
Ground beef, $1.99/lb.
Beef roast, $3/lb.
Pepperoni slices, pillow pack size $2
Italian sausages, $2/lb.
Kidney beans, canned $1
Black beans, canned $1
Other beans, canned $1
Baked beans, medium sized can $1
Peanut butter, $2 for 16 oz.

Ketchup, 20 oz. or more $1
Mustard $1
Soy sauce
Mayo, 28-30 oz. $2.50

Celery $1
Onion, $1 per lb.
Lettuce, 99 cents per head or $2 per bag
Green pepper, $1.29 per pound
Red/Yellow/Orange bell peppers $2.50/lb.
Cucumber, 59 cents each
Apples, $1/lb.

Cool Whip $1
Butter $2/lb.
Imperial margarine $.79
Cream cheese, $1
Cheddar cheese, shredded, $2 for 8 oz.
Cheese singles, $2 per pack for 12-16 oz.
Milk, gallon $2.50
Sour cream, 16 oz. $1

Spices & Herbs: Walgreens no longer has the awesome deals on spices that I remember a few years ago.  Woodmans has some cheap spices, I want to say 79 cents each, and I think they are marked down to 59 cents each around some holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas time.

Garlic powder
Onion salt
Chicken bouillon
Onion soup mix
Ranch dry dressing or dip mix

Bisquick mix
Sugar, 5 lb. for $2
Flour 4 lb. for $2
Corn starch
Yellow cake mix $1
German Chocolate (or any chocolate) cake mix $1
Brownie mix $1
Graham cracker pie crust $1
Pie filling of your choice $3 (Yes this is a bit high.  I don’t see a ton of great sales on this)
Frosting (optional) $1.29
Jello or Pudding mix, small box $.50
Brown or powdered sugar, 2 lb.  $1.50


Cheese pasta sauces, $1.50 16 oz.
Pasta, various shapes, 12-16 oz $1
Spaghetti sauce, $1.50 for 24-26 oz.
Tomato sauce
Vegetable oil $2
Bread, $1 per loaf
Salsa 16 oz. $1
Olives $1
Mushrooms, canned, small $.50
Condensed soups $.69
Chunky soups $1
Beef stew, canned $2
Canned fruit $1

Food Pantry Picks–These are items I often get from the food pantry that I perhaps would not buy if I was actually shopping for my family…but I still find ways to use many of them…as you will see with some meal plan ideas I come up with.  Will perhaps be adding more to this list as I think of more.

Dry Milk
Macaroni & Cheese
Maruchan or other brand noodle soup packets


About trishay79

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and love to travel around the state. I like anything frugal related including getting free things with coupons and saving money on travel and entertainment. I am also an avid crocheter. My blogs reflect my interests.
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5 Responses to Basic Pantry Items & Prices

  1. skirnirh says:

    I agree with most of these price points. I pay more for peanut butter as we use only Jiff. And $.99 a pound for green pepper earlier in the year was impossible. No idea why, but green pepper was nearly $3 a pound earlier in the year. Now it is more like $1.59 a pound ish.

  2. trishay79 says:

    Wow 3 years later looking over this post. Don’t think I’d say $2 for a pound of bacon anymore….more like $3 a pound. need to update some other prices too…peanut butter has gotten hard to find under $1.50 at times though I can still do it.

  3. Kerrie says:

    U constructed some good stuff with ur blog post,
    “Basic Pantry Items | Stretch Your Dollar Waukesha!”.

    I will possibly be coming back to ur webpage eventually.

    Thank you ,Jacqueline

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